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Come out to see "The Better To See You With"  May 1-4 at Club Fais Do Do.  This is my dance theatre work based on the story of Little Red Riding Hood.  I'm excited to be working with the wonderful Los Angeles Contemporary Dance Company on this project! 

Check us out in LA Magazine in October & November after our big show for LA Mag at The Hesby in North Hollywood.

"Harlot's Web" was featured at dancescreen 2013 San Francisco Film Festival.
Look for it in Barcelona at

Maine Island Dance Festival 2014 dates announced for June 16 - 21st.

Check out Holly's Choreography Reel

Recent performances include:

- The Hesby for LA Magazine
- "Labour Wait" at the Santa Barbara Museum of Art. Site specific dance installations.
- At the de Young Museum in San Francisco for BVLGARI

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